The album by Passion Pit called, “Chunk of Change” was produced prior to delving into the mainstream industry. Before I gave the album a listen, the cover made it came across as an electric/techno record that would be played at the dance party. With that said, I had a low expectation for “Chunk of Change” when I had to listen to the album. After listening to the album, my impression on “Chunk of Change” changed. The tracks are generally fun to listen to and they are the kind of songs that can give a mood a lift. The listen isn’t without its challenges as there are moments in which the beginning of some of the tracks gave raise to my impatience. One example is a track called “Smile Upon Me” in which the song would begin with sounds that felt as if pong is being played in my ears. After a while, the song begins to play and the instrumental follows the sound of electric pong. The album is generally good and tracks such as “Sleepyhead” and “Better Things” are the gem as they can make the record worthwhile to listen to.

It amazing how the album is actually an EP which hence the reason why it has only six tracks and happens to be an independent release. The success of the record helped the band receive a contract with the record label called “Frenchkiss Records” which gives them the break they needed. According to the interview, one of the band members named Ayad Al Adhamy said that the songs are difficult to recreate live so once they signed with the record label, they would have to come up with different songs in order to have materials suitable for live performances. The EP was also made as a Valentine present to then girlfriend of another band member, Michael Angelakos prior to the break up with her.

As mentioned before, my impression regarding the album before I started to listen to it wasn’t good and had low expectations. After taking a time to listen to each of the album’s tracks, I find them enjoyable to listen to despite some repetitiveness that has been exhibited in couple of songs. Overall, it’s a fun album to listen to and I would recommend it to those who wanted songs to be played at the dance party. It is the kind of album one could listen to in order to brighten the mood.


Rating: 4 1/2


Chunk of Change