As I listened to each of the tracks from the album, one song that stood out to me the most was “Better Things”. At first, the song would start out with a silly monologue by one of the artists stating that this is their fifth song and hopes that the listener will enjoy it. Almost immediately afterward, the song plays with a fun upbeat tempo that makes me feel like I want to party. While all the tracks are generally up-tempo as well, “Better Things” is the song that I didn’t get tired of listening to in few replays and doesn’t get repetitive as well.

When the open monologue that was played before the song starts, after stating that it’s the band’s fifth song, the band member also said, “Now this would be our best song you have ever heard,” to me it means that this song is what they written for fun and when it comes to the last bit which ends with “The dirt bikes going on stage. Thank you.” it signals the somewhat more carefree nature of the song in which one should not worry about certain things too much as some of the song lyrics may reveal.

One example is the chorus in which the singer is trying to tell a girl that she’s driving him crazy because she was worrying too much. Then he tells her not to worry too much as things can get better as stated “Better things are coming, I swear there’s truth in that” although it came off as a desperate attempt to calm her down as the girl does have a reason to be worried. As the song went on, the singer goes on to tell the girl about the places and things that could happen if they believe. As the lyrics have the singer saying “I believe in believing the things that we don’t see”, this shows the situation in which the singer and the girl would escape into the fantasy land where things are ideal by relaxing. This would demonstrate the carefree nature of the song. This is how I interpret the meaning of the lyrics of the song as it music does seem to emphasize the joyful nature, making it a nice listen.

Rating: 5