Another song from the album that I happened to like was “Sleepyhead” which happens to be the final track. It is a good way to wrap up the album and may have been one of the more interesting songs as well. The distorted music and the chanting in the background helped this track stand out as it makes it the most different song of the album. The chanting was actually a song called “Óró Mo Bháidín” by Mary O’ Hara which is sampled for the background of “Sleepyhead.”

When it comes to the message from the lyrics of the track outside of the sample of “Óró Mo Bháidín”, there are many different interpretations that can be made. From the way I heard it, the lyrics from the second verse seems to have been describing the pain the person have gone under. Then toward the end of the verse, “You were one inch from the edge of this bed,” there was a struggle in which the person would try to wake up from the pain. However, by the end of the verse, the person fell back to sleep as the lyric states “I drag you back a sleepyhead, sleepyhead” indicating that in the end, the tiredness of the person have finally overcame him despite his efforts to wake up from the painful slumber.

While “Sleepyhead” may not be my all time favorite track of the album, I do consider it to be among the top. The song is pretty catchy and can get stuck in your head even just from listening to it once or twice. It is a good song with a nice use of a sample from Mary O’ Hara’s work which can make it a somewhat haunting track. Then the music of the track becomes distorted so at some point it would become difficult to make out the lyrics, but it’s still worth multiple listens. One of the tracks that can seem fresh no matter how many time it gets played; “Sleepyhead” is a good trippy song that can be fun to listen to. This is my take and the interpretation of the song.

Rating: 4