“Cuddle Fuddle” started out somewhat slowly before it began to pick up the pace few seconds later. I would describe the song as an electric ballad as it much slower than rest of tracks in the album. This song is nicely done as the organ makes a good compliment to the electric beats that goes along with it. Despite being an electric ballad, the song is four minutes and thirty seconds long, yet it felt as if it ended too soon. The ending of the song came off as abrupt which makes it a bit unsatisfying, making it the only problem I have with “Cuddle Fuddle.” Still an enjoyable track and it doesn’t become too repetitive, making it relaxing despite what I felt to be a very disappointingly abrupt ending to the song.

From the way I listened to the song, the lyrics starts out on how the person made mistakes and became frustrated but became too busy to stay mad. Then the person calmed down after being complimented as stated “Then you applauded when I was loving,” leading to guilt and realized what he had done. Later the person goes on to tell about the tough times he had been through and wanted to be forgiven as the lyrics states, “Oh my God, just please don’t ever let me go. Yeah, sometimes we’re high and sometimes we’re low,” in order to demonstrate how one can soar up high only to get struck by the realization of reality from time to time. He then goes on to try to convince the girl he loved to stay with him and that everything will be better. There is also the part in which the person would try to remind his girlfriend about all the good times they had and wanted it to happen again. However, by the end of the song, the lyric then states, “And I don’t wanna go, oh, wherever you go,” which signals the end of the relationship despite the person’s best efforts to convince his girlfriend. Afterward, this is when the song came to an abrupt end, making it feel like a cliffhanger without a conclusion.

“Cuddle Fuddle” is a decent song and after reanalyzing the lyrics, I realize that perhaps the abrupt end was done as a symbolism. When it comes to the cliffhanger without a conclusion, it can show how some things can never be finished.

Rating: 3 1/2