When it comes to free speech, often times it depends on how it can be exercised since there are individuals who get into certain kinds of troubles for doing so. In the video “Shouting Fire”, Ward Churchill was a professor of the Boulder University who made a speech which likens the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks to “Eichmann”. It led to controversies in the media which eventually lead to Churchill losing his job as a professor of Boulder University due to the negative publicity it attracted. In the video, there is an interview in which Churchill made attempts to justify what he said and why he used “Eichmann” in the speech he made at the time.

In my personal opinion, I believe that while Ward Churchill has a right to free speech, at the same time he deserved to lose his job as a professor of the Boulder University as well. The reason is that Churchill used his position as a college professor which allowed him to be able to influence many young people who attended his class that time. It doesn’t help that in the interview, Churchill came off as somewhat arrogant which to me isn’t going to help his case further as the impression does shape how a person is seen. It also looked as if Churchill was trying to impose his views to the people watching the video which would make it seem like he was showing how he was right and everyone else are wrong.

To be fair, the thing is that Churchill does have a point in regards to how the media use the word “innocent” and how certain actions by the United States in foreign countries as well as in the past generally gets glossed over. However as mentioned before, because Churchill was a college professor at the time when he made the speech that cost him his job, it seemed that he might try to impose his beliefs on his students whether it happened or not, it doesn’t help his case either way. In the end, the problem with Ward Churchill wasn’t the fact that he exercised his right to free speech; it’s the way he done so and the boundary he crossed which led to the publicity that Boulder University didn’t want. These shows how there are certain limits to certain rights as the action being made to exert it is what can result in the outcomes that happened.