In the later part of the video “Shouting Fire”, there is a segment where a teacher named Debbie Almontaser who was forced to resign under political pressure. What happened is that there is a claim on how Almontaser was trying to promote her religious views. Then later on, there was another issue in regards to the concerns of Almontaser’s religion and ethnicity. The concerns came up due to the problems with terrorism and how it is believed that in Almontaser’s interview with a newspaper, she was trying to invoke a religious uprising. The newspaper would leave about parts of Almontaser’s comments to make it look like she was also denying the existence of the terrorist attacks on 9/11. As a result of the interview, it led to controversies in which Almontaser was eventually pressured to resign.

The situation regarding Debbie Almontaser has similarities with the incident that lead to the firing of Ward Churchill. They were both educators who were dismissed from their respective jobs as a result of the media controversies that happened due to what they said. Both of what Almontaser and Churchill said also has certain subject matters regarding the terrorist attacks on 9/11 as well. While there are similarities between the two cases, there are certain differences in the situations among the two educators.

One of the main differences is that Almontaser didn’t say something that can be considered controversial. In fact, Almontaser was answering questions given by the reporters and some of her quotes were taken out of context to make it look like she was advocating the Islamic uprising and denying the existence of the attacks on 9/11. Churchill on the other hand, while his speech was taken out of context as well, he didn’t help his case when then professor of the Boulder University used “Eichmann” in the speech and came across as arrogant and brash. Another difference is that in the video “Shouting Fire”, Almontaser happens to be portrayed much more sympathetically while Churchill seemed to be much more bitter and defiant. I generally side with Almontaser more as she did received much more unfair treatment and she doesn’t come across as someone who meant ill will which in contrast to Churchill whom as mentioned before seemed more negative and outspoken which makes it difficult to sympathize with him. This shows while each case is similar and that free speech at certain points doesn’t apply to people due to political problems, there is difference in which how certain individuals would be viewed.