Brian Williams is an anchorman for the Nightly News at NBC who reports the news and generally leans toward the left. In the news show, the anchorman does comes across as somewhat more balanced as he reports the news. Because this is the first time I start paying attention to the Nightly News, it’s still too early for me to judge Brian William’s political leanings.

Due to the hurricane, the presidential campaigns by Obama and Romney were generally cancelled. Brian Williams and the reporter of NBC, Chuck Todd who was in the White House discussed the situation which led to the cancellation of the campaigns. What happened in the report was that President Obama was going to have a meeting with Bill Clinton before cancelling the appointment. Then afterwards, the president went on to hold a press conference where he makes his speech about the usual issues including the economy and the transportation in regards to the affect the hurricane might have on the election. At the same time, they reported that Mitt Romney while he did cancelled most of his campaign, he still made some trips in the mid-Western states where they are unaffected by the hurricane, including Ohio in which the Republican presidential candidate made his rally to the voters on that platform.

However, even with the rallies by Romney in the mid-Western states, he and Obama have no plans to campaign on Tuesday and are planning to wait until later before scheduling a campaign on Wednesday which is uncertain due to the hurricane. Overall, there wasn’t really much to discuss on politics due to the hurricane.
Update 11/5/12

A week would go by and it wasn’t until then that the election returns to prominence in the news coverage. The coverage about the hurricane is still part of the main priority and understandably so, especially with the number of lives it have affected.

Regarding the election, a poll was run to see which candidate would be leading had the election been held today. The poll then shows Obama leading Romney 48 to 47 percent with a margin of error. Then the incumbent and the candidate where seen making rallies at the states that are still undecided. In the news report, it is said that Obama and Romney are going to make few more stops in order to rally their supporters in the undecided states in hope of turning the tide of the election in their favor.

The coverage on the election by the Nightly News with Brian Williams is generally fair as it does show clips of the rally from both sides without making one look better than the other. However, the coverage also reports the problem for the voters to vote in some of the places including Florida and Ohio. It can make you wonder whether the report is focused on those two states to make it look as if the people running the ballots are biased as it was mentioned how the Republican secretary of state wanted to make it harder for the Democratic voters to cast their ballots or there really are problems with the ballot in the undecided states as the voters are mentioned to have been rushing to vote which lead to absentee ballot. I thought this coverage is interesting which adds to the intrigue in the Election Day.

It will be interesting on how the election will turn out although it will depend on the voter turnout in the end.