In the show called “Louie”, it’s about a life of a comedian and how he dealt with the problems he has. It’s based off from the life of C.K. Louis who happens to be the producer, writer, actor, and the director of the show. When it comes to the life of C.K. Louis himself, what happen is that he went through the tough part of his life when he and his wife divorced. Not to mention at the early part of his career, Louis had struggles before finally getting the break he needed, which in turn helped pave way for his hit television series on FX. While the show “Louie” was only loosely based off from his own life as it tells the story in a more comedic manner in order to entertain the audience.

“Louie” is a show that is made differently than traditional comedy shows such as “Full House” which focused on the family values. C.K. Louis as mentioned before had struggles as he happens to be a divorced father of two. With the show “Louie” being made to focus on his life, it also focus on the fact that he’s a single father and with the story practically written on Louis’ point of view, it shows how the series deviates from the more traditional value in the past. While “Louie” was hardly the first and only television series to play its role in contrasting the usual norm of portraying the traditional family values in the society, it still taking another step further to help pave way for more potential changes on television network and the way people views certain comedy shows. It also helps that the show has a adult content in which the character deals with the darker part of life despite being a comedy series and would even use foul languages in the conversation he has.

“Louie” is a interesting show to watch and while it may be ridiculous to analyze the aspects of the show itself, still it is important to note the certain philosophical aspects of the message in the show. The messages however can be interpreted in different ways so it is up to the viewers to decide what they could have meant.