In certain states that are important for the incumbent and the challenging candidate in the Election Day, the people would be subjected to series of political ads. As it was reported in Nightly News with Brian Williams, the ads campaigning for one candidate over another have been aired for over 1,400 times per day in Ohio in which the residents would find relief once the election ends. It’s reported that in total, the ads were aired over 40,000 times in Ohio. According to the report, this is due to Ohio’s status as one of the “swing states” where the candidates tends to campaign heavily due to the number of electoral votes they sought after.

In another report, there was a website created to celebrate Romney’s election win over Obama. Brian Williams reported that Romney planned a celebration campaign in the event that he wins the election, but once he told the people working on the organization of the party about the news of the election in the end, the plans were changed. The website shown up briefly to show Romney’s transition ceremony before taken down not long afterward as the publisher realized that the candidate lost. The website also have a section in which there are instructions telling people how to join Romney administration as well.

This coverage is much more toned down compared to the one aired a day after the election. The reason is that while the coverage for this particular day (11/8) still have a slight tendency of rubbing in Obama’s win over Romney, it does becomes more focused on the more balanced view and report as it had before the election. The situation in Ohio and the report on Romney’s website being prematurely released on web shows how the situations regarding the election can still happen even after it was over. Some of the things can be ridiculous but at the same time, especially in the case of Ohio ad campaigns, it shows that once the election is over, people are finally relieved as it can have too much involvement in their lives.