The coverage has a report being made in regards to the students who voted in the presidential election. Although the election has ended few days ago, the questions are still asked by the reporter on whom the students voted for and the reaction on the result of the election as well. At Iowa University, one of the students upon being interviewed who said that he voted Romney but believes that Obama did a good job. Then in the other interview with another student, he believes that Obama has great ideas and how the progress will be slow and it will take time to help the economy. Another student said that she voted to get her opinion out and was excited to be able to do so.

There is also a coverage in which the “Voting Rights Act” may be cut down by the Supreme Court because of the successful election and the reelection of Barack Obama. They claimed that the act that was signed by then President Lyndon Johnson have become outdated and the southern states were no longer prejudiced as they were during the time. This is relevant as this came in after the election so it can make you wonder if the Court’s consideration on whether they should cut down the “Voting Rights Act” have something to do with President Obama’s election victory.

The coverage of Nightly News with Brian Williams is pretty good as it brought up a interesting issue relating to the election despite the fact that it have ended few days ago. It shows how much prominence the election has and that some of the events going on may have been affected by it. Overall it is interesting and helped let me learn about certain things that went on at this point of time.