The coverage of Nightly News with Brian Williams on the election, this time as the election draws to a close with Barack Obama’s victory over Mitt Romney, there are speculation being made on the challenge the reelected president will have to face. The coverage features the highlights of President Obama’s victory speech where he addressed the issue with the economy and expressing his hope for bipartisanship by looking to work with the people from different parties. Then Brian Williams went to have a segment dedicating to Obama’s daughters. At the same time, the report in the Nightly News claimed that the Republican base may have been divided as the amount of white votes in the election dropped from 87 percent to 72 percent while the amount of Latino votes have increased. It is then believed that the Republican party may face the reality of their status in the future elections with the issues such as immigration needing to be addressed in which they have done so poorly, hurting their chances to receive Latino votes as well.

The most interesting part is how the voting in Florida still haven’t been resolved even though the election have ended with Obama’s victory. In the interview, a resident of Florida described themselves as “laughingstocks” due to the problems with the way the poll have been handled. It doesn’t help that it was the same state that caused the election in 2000 to have the results delayed as a result of the problems with the ballot.

Unlike the previous coverage, this one came across as celebrating Obama’s win to the point where it seemed they are trying to rub it in. It wasn’t as bad as some of the other networks like “Fox News” became somber during the night. The Nightly News is generally balanced but this seems to me to be among the exception where I do believe some of the people in the news may have gotten subtly caught up a bit. This including Brian Williams dedicating a small segment about Obama’s daughters which is somewhat unnecessary. The issue regarding Florida does made me wonder if the state will ever be able to make up its mind with the ongoing polling problems.