Rush Limbaugh is a political pundit who host a radio show called “The Rush Limbaugh Show”. His show is aired on weekdays at the radio station 770 AM and is up from noon to 3 p.m. In this show, Limbaugh would voice his opinions and would receive calls from people who would either agree or disagree with him. Sometimes Limbaugh would have an argument with the people who disagree with him which can make the show interesting although it’s not much different from shows hosted by shock jocks.

This particular show aired on 11/12 is about Limbaugh trying to explain why Obama won the election. The pundit and radio show host claims that he himself is the reason why the Republicans have trouble in the election. Limbaugh went on to state that until he gets denounced by the Republicans themselves, they won’t be able to defeat the Democrats in future elections.

Afterward, Limbaugh went to have a Christmas themed segment in which he would refer Obama as “Baracka Claus” whom would give people free government handouts for not doing anything to help themselves. Then he sings a parody of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” to mock Obama in which the lyrics includes the rant about the people he believe would benefit from having him remain as a President of the United States. Soon after that, Limbaugh starts mentioning the surge of food stamps that happened two months prior to the election which he believes is the reason why Obama won. The people who received the food stamps are what Limbaugh alluded to in the parody he sang in that segment.

While I was aware of Rush Limbaugh’s antics on his radio show, I didn’t really care since I never took him seriously. Generally I find this particular show pretty entertaining and a very fun listen. I disagreed with Limbaugh in many instances including about how he accuses Obama of giving free government handouts to people who wouldn’t work. Overall, I took it what it is, a show not meant to be taken seriously although there are people who would. With that said, I still wouldn’t trust him, still a good listen however.