In this segment of “The Rush Limbaugh Show”, the pundit and radio show host made another Christmas-themed parody “Baracka Claus” as he have done before. Before that, he comes up with the reason he believes why the Republicans will never win 40% of the Hispanic votes. Limbaugh would start off with his complaint on how the Republicans won’t be able to work with the Democrats as more Democrats were voted in. Then there is a statement he made on how Ronald Reagan won the election in 1984 with 37% of the Hispanic votes, showing that no Republicans have ever won 40% of the Hispanic votes. Afterward, Limbaugh then stated on how the Republicans gave the Hispanics amnesty by giving them citizenships and still lose votes anyway. The he continues his rant in regards to the history of the Republicans inability to win votes from the Hispanic population before ending it with the aforementioned “Baracka Claus” music parody.

On the other segment, Limbaugh practically claims that the news media covered up the story of the rising food stamps in Ohio before the election. He mentioned the rising food stamps in his previous segment the day before but this time the pundit went into detail on how raise happens from July to August at record pace. Then Limbaugh predicts that once the food stamps gets cut, the Republicans will end up receiving the blame.

The radio show is a little less interesting compared to the one aired the day before. The reason is that the segments were generally the same so there wasn’t really much to discuss regarding the post-election reaction from the pundit. I still find the show entertaining and as informative as the previous show so like before, I didn’t take it seriously.