The media have several news outlets in which the political views would differ. The news stations tend to have certain partisanships where they would support one political party over the other. There are also news stations that would try to stay neutral in order to report news without letting their partisanship getting in the way of responsible journalism. However, at the same time there are outlets that don’t serve to report news. These particular shows were broadcasted alongside the news station on television or radio in which the hosts would present information from the news and give their own spin. The hosts are often called political pundits who often come up with opinions and their political leaning depends on the news stations in which the shows are affiliated with. In this post, a comparison will be made between the news anchor Brian Williams and a political pundit Rush Limbaugh.

What both Brian Williams and Rush Limbaugh have in common is that they happen to host the media outlet that they work for. More importantly, they both present the information regarding the current events so the audience would know what was going on. The difference between the two however is that they do not have the same political leanings. The Nightly News with Brian Williams is generally more balanced as the reports on the campaign covers both Obama and Romney in a neutral light. However, as it was shown in one of the posts covering the day after the election, it indicates that the newscast is on the left-wing side. Even then, Williams mainly reports the news in which the reporter would give more information on what went on in the current events. The Rush Limbaugh Show on the other hand is right-wing and while Limbaugh does report news, some of the information would be cherry picked as long it fits what he believes in. Much of the time Limbaugh would make discussions where he comes up with the reason why Romney lost the election and points out how the voters made the mistake of voting for Obama.

This demonstrates how the media outlets can have different views in certain things, including politics. Due to the views in which various media outlets can have, this can lead to certain forms of bias in how the news would be reported. In the end, it also shows that while partisanships can affect the way news are reported, it is best to keep an open mind since it is difficult to be sure on whether the reports are done in the way it should be. Some outlets like the shows hosted by political pundits however aren’t something to be taken seriously due to the bias which leads to factual inaccuracies. While they can present some information that makes you wonder, the arguments they made generally makes it harder to take them seriously. This is what separates the news stations from the shows hosted by pundits. Although irresponsible journalism can happen, it still doesn’t change the fact that news stations cover the events that happens for report while the political shows hosted by pundits are what it should be described as entertainment.