In this edition of “The Rush Limbaugh Show”, what happens is that this time the pundit has a conversation with a caller discussing the reason they believe why Obama was able to win the election against Romney. The caller claims that Obama discredits anyone who opposes him in the election and that he believes the scandal involving Petraeus was made public because the former director of the CIA was going to make a testimony about involvement in Libya. The caller then added that he believe that Obama and the members of his administration knew about the affair for a while but chose to announce it just before Petraeus can tell the public what went on in Libya. Limbaugh said that it wouldn’t doubt him as he also believes that the administration had known about Petraeus’ affair for months as well and that the liberals would use it to their advantage. This includes how the Obama administration asked Petraeus to resign from his post few days after the election have ended.

After making a discussion about the conspiracy involving Petraeus’ affair, Limbaugh got back into the original topic of the segment which is how he believes Obama won the election. The pundit gave a somewhat vague explanation by continuing to use the situation involving Petraeus’ affair as an example and said that Obama administration used the same tactics on Romney in the campaigns for the President’s re-election. Then Limbaugh went on to use examples on how the Democrats would use trivial matters to discredit Romney because that’s all they can do.

This segment is the only one that came closest to deal with the election related topics. Basically, Limbaugh had a discussion with the caller who brought up the topic about Petraeus’ affair as an example on the Democrat’s tactics to discredit opponents and the pundit agrees with him by stating later on that the same would be used on Romney during campaigns. The explanation that Limbaugh as I mentioned before is vague and I believe it served to rile up the listeners with different partisanships (as it is what the show generally does). Despite that, there is one thing I did find interesting. When it comes to how Petraeus’ affair was revealed after the election, the timing does look suspicious but the reason for that is something we’ll never know for certain as we can only speculate.