In this edition of “The Rush Limbaugh Show”, the pundit said that the media revisions on the economical status had took its effect and played its role in the election. Limbaugh believes that the reason why Romney’s economic plans were ignored near the end of the campaign was that the people were convinced that the country’s economy is returning to form. He mentions that the media economic analysis was made about the economy were revised to make the situation seem positive. Limbaugh stated that it was reported the jobless claims have dipped to the lowest level in four years in the weeks prior to the election. Once the election has ended, the number of jobless claims has increased by approximately 78,000 in a week. He also went to mention that the layoffs in jobs in states such as Pennsylvania and Ohio weren’t reported until recently. The pundit believes that with the media spin on the economic status, Romney’s campaign became ignored and people went to re-elect Obama because of what they believe to be the improvement in the nation’s economic status.

Limbaugh does have a point about the information of the nation’s economic status being spun or withheld by the media until after the election has ended. Just like the post covering Limbaugh’s previous post-election segment the day before, when it comes to the timing of the information being reported, it does seem suspicious. I find the segment interesting and while the figures on the jobless claims are informative, it still doesn’t change the fact that I have to take what Limbaugh said with a grain of salt. Limbaugh would post information with factual basis, but often times they can get twisted.