In the show called “The Newsroom”, it portrays the behind the scene involving the news room itself. The protagonist is an anchorman named Will McAvoy who works for the new station “News Night” where much of his staff left after his tirade at the talk show. What happen in the talk show was that McVoy was asked a question on whether America is the greatest country and in response, the anchorman gave a vague answer. After being egged on by the panel, McAvoy saw a woman (later revealed to be MacKenzie) holding up the sign that reads “It’s not!” with another reading, “But it can be!”, the anchorman went to make a rant in which he goes into detail on the problem that kept America from being the greatest country it used to be. This in turn led to some media attention and repercussions two weeks later (during which McAvoy took a break) because the person who asked him the question happens to be a college student. As a result, the staff members and the executive producer feared at the news station may not go on for long after their anchorman’s tirade on television. Later on, a woman named MacKenzie McHale comes into McAvoy’s office where its learned that she is taking over as the executive producer. Not only that, she also tried to bring McAvoy back to the time when he was more determined to pursue truth than worrying about the television ratings.

“The Newsroom” demonstrates an interesting take on how the staffs of the news station does their jobs and the pressure that occurs when trying to get ready to present the news of the event that happens suddenly. Then there is a scene in McAvoy’s office where he and MacKenzie would have an argument on how the anchorman works which includes what MacKenzie believe how McAvoy abandoned his early principles of pursuing truth ever since his popularity grew because McAvoy didn’t want to offend anyone so he can maintain his ratings. In time, McAvory’s staff received a report of the BP oil spill and the anchorman made sure the facts are verified. In the end, when McAvoy reports the news of the oil spill, he even questioned the official affiliated with BP several times. After receiving additional information from a member of his staff, it enables him to expose the problem regarding the oil spill. At that point, MacKenzie said, “Welcome back!” as she believes that McAvoy have return to his old principles as the anchorman. This scene is important as it shows how important it is for the media to uncover the truth, even if it meant sacrificing the viewers who might disagree with the report.

The Pilot episode of “The Newsroom” is well done with some comedy being added in along with the dramatizations that were made. I haven’t seen the rest of the series but I enjoyed the interesting take in regards to the news station workplace as well. While it may not necessarily be a accurate portrayal what may went on, it does exhibit the pressure that occur when the report was made to the station which gives you a feel of tension of the situation. Overall, the episode was well done.