Before I went to listen to an album by Miles Davis called “Kind of Blue”, I have known about Miles Davis for some time. However, I only heard of one song by Miles Davis and I will get into that later as it does comes from this particular album. “Kind of Blue” which was released in 1959 has five tracks and the album itself is over forty minutes long. Each of the tracks is relaxing and comfortable to listen to. Because of the nighttime feel the tracks have, it felt as if the music have been performed at the nighttime settings like the bar or the city club. The only track I happen to know about prior to listening to the album was “Who’s That?” which is over nine minutes long and has a relaxing feel.

“Who’s That?” also happens to be the first track of “Kind of Blue” so it starts the album off very nicely. The track then makes a smooth transition to the next one called, “Freddie Freeloader” which makes it sounded like as if the first half of the track went on a brief break before picking it up on the second half. More importantly, the beginning of the track is also an alternate variation of “Who’s That?” which adds to the similarity. Then on the next track “Blue in Green”, the music is played with the slower and relaxed pace despite being shorter at over five minutes long. “Blue in Green” has more of a somber tone compared to the previous tracks as it has a somewhat tragic sounding theme. Afterward, the tone of the album changes when the next track called “All Blues” where the theme becomes suspenseful as the tension would rise as the music continues until the sounds of the saxophones raise their pitch to generate the excitement until it calms down to return to its suspenseful tone.

Another thing is that when it comes to how the album ends, “Flamenco Sketches” is a final track that gives off the impression of the sad ending to the story the album tries to convey through the sounds of music that were played. This track is much slower than the rest of the album and the theme is sadder than that of “Blue in Green” as it marks the end. It is a perfect way to end the album as the music closes to a satisfying theme.
The impression I have of the album is that I figured rest of the tracks after “Who’s That?” will be similar. To a degree, I was right as “Freddie Freeloader” started off as a slightly more upbeat version of the opening track. However, there are variations in other tracks that differs one from the other. As mentioned before, tracks such as “Blue in Green” and “Flamenco Sketches” are more depressing than the rest of the album as the theme tends to be more somber. Then in “All Blue”, the track is the most interesting in the entire album as the theme tends to shift from suspense to a more exciting build before going back to its initial tone. I enjoy the album and it’s a great listen. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys music.

Rating: 5 of 5