The next track called “Blue in Green” which goes into a more darker and depressing tone than the previous tracks. The mood of the music is much more somber as the pace became slower and relaxed. The instrumental would continue to play at a slow pace throughout its entire run as the theme remains steady. As such, “Blue in Green” has a nighttime feel which makes it relaxing to listen despite the tragic theme in the music. The track is a nice contrast to “Freddie Freeloader” as it shifts from the more optimistic theme to a depressing tone.

When it comes to the tragic theme which contrasts the optimistic tone of “Freddie Freeloader”, “Blue in Green” is a kind of music that can bring in a darker feeling although it doesn’t have the ominous tone to make it haunting. From how I would try to interpret “Blue in Green”, the track would demonstrate how in which the story would take a darker tone. In that part of the story, what happens is that after an optimistic tone from “Freddie Freeloader” where the character would hit the low point at that event. That’s when the tone of then the theme shows how much trouble the character is in at that point of the story. With the way how “Blue in Green” comes to an end, the set up would be made for the next track where the story continues.

“Blue in Green” is over five minutes long so it’s shorter than each of the two previous tracks. At the same time, the slower pacing made it sounds as if the track is longer than it really is. I think the track is good and while it may not be as enjoyable some other tracks, I do find it interesting as the tone is much darker so it makes a fitting contrast to the more optimistic themes. As mentioned before, “Blue in Green” still have the same feel as all the other tracks in the album as the theme has a nighttime setting. In the end, the mood fits well as it demonstrates the dark time of the period where the story takes place.

Rating: 3 of 5