“All Blues” in my opinion is perhaps the best track of the album as it has the building tension that makes it perfect for a suspenseful tone. Like the rest of the album, “All Blue” has a nighttime feel so the atmosphere can have a very mysterious vibe to it. As the music goes, it would start out fast right out of the gate as the tension in the theme continues to build. As far as the theme goes, the track demonstrates the certain vibe in which the tension and the suspenseful tone can be expressed through the music itself.

When it comes to the tension build throughout the track, what would happen is that the once the tension begins, the sounds of instruments starts to sound like a chase scene from a movie. Once the tension stops, the instruments would slow down where they would then settle down for a while, thus staying at a relaxing pace. The beat from the drums and cymbal kept a constant pace as the other tracks has which is the reason why the track still instill a relaxing mood. From my interpretation of this track, after the somber moment in “Blue in Green”, the story hits the climax in which a chase after the goal or the person would occur as the tension builds. Once the tension ends, whatever the character of the story have to do is finally done and afterward, everyone got to relax which hence the relaxing pace after the suspense of the chase came to a close. Eventually, the tension builds up toward the end but even then it shows the kind of excitement that can be demonstrated once the suspense ends. The theme can also demonstrate a nightlife as the event can take place at the bar or a club in the city. Once that part of the story folds, the set up is made for the conclusion in the track “Flamenco Sketches”.

I find this track much more interesting than the rest of the album as this theme helps demonstrates the mixture of excitement, suspense, and triumph. I enjoy this track as it felt as if my mind has been taken into an adventure in a mystery thriller while relaxing at the same time. Overall “All Blues” is a great listening experience and I would recommend this along with “Who’s That?” to those who are fans of Miles Davis.

Rating: 4.5 of 5